The finish line is only the beginning...

Teddy "Chex" Clark has been racing cars since he was seven. He's always dreamed of driving professionally.
But when an old friend calls him out of the blue and offers him a chance to make his dream a reality, Teddy can't help but ask himself: 
is he ready?

Chasing Checkers follows Teddy's story from his first go-kart race, through racing academy, and up to the biggest race of his life.

Along the way he discovers secrets about his past that force him to question his destiny.

He makes friends that support and shape him as a driver, and battles those who will do anything to stand in his way.

And when he's confronted with the dangerous realities of racing at the highest level, Teddy must face the ultimate question:
is it all worth it?
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CHRISTOPHER HINCHCLIFFE draws inspiration from the life of his brother, professional IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe, to tell a moving and exciting story that pulls you into the driver's seat for a ride you'll never forget.​​


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